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Objectives of the Group:

1. Preparation of dairy development plans, in consultation with the internal and external stakeholders, as per the guidelines of international financial institutions, government schemes and those prescribed by NDDB from time to time.

2. Negotiation with funding agencies for mobilising funds on appropriate terms that provide optimum margin for meeting cost of funds and mitigate  exchange  funding risks.

3. Resource planning for efficient and effective implementation of projects.

4. Identify major challenges and risks likely to be encountered during the course of implementation of plans.

Past Achievements of the Group:

Planning group has been formed with effect from July 2009 carving out of the earlier Financial and Planning Services group. The group has been set up with a focus on formulation and implementation of the National Dairy Plan (NDP).

The Planning group coordinated with different technical groups of NDDB in working out tentative physical targets and financial outlays for various activities under NDP.  Based on these broad targets, a dialogue was initiated with the World Bank, which indicated that World Bank would like to support the National Dairy Plan which is envisaged over a 15 year horizon.  The World Bank had further indicated that to begin with, they could consider an investment for the first phase (of about 5 years).

During conceptualisation and project preparation, the group facilitated NDDB’s liasioning with Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries (DADF), Ministry of Agriculture, GoI and the World Bank.  The group coordinated the preparation of Project Implementation Plan (PIP) that was submitted to Government of India.

The group assisted the Milk Unions in formulating their investment proposals for seeking financial assistance from funding agencies.

The group also coordinated a study, carried out by IIM-Ahmedabad and Bangalore, on the status of dairy cooperatives in terms of physical and financial performance, management and governance.

Future Activities of the Group:

Preparation of component / sub component / activity specific sub project plans, under NDP I, on the request of eligible End Implementing Agencies (EIAs).

Preparation of investment proposals, on the request of Milk Unions / Producer Companies, that may be submitted to NDDB / State Governments / Government of India.

Role of the Group in NDP:

  • Designing data templates and report structures for sub project plans that are to be submitted by eligible EIAs to NDDB.

  • Facilitate preparation of sub project plans (under NDP I), comprising physical targets and financial outlays commensurate with medium / long term requirement for viability and sustainability.

  • Facilitate the preparation of project guidelines for implementation of activities under various components / sub components of NDP I and mid course revisions based on lessons learnt during the course of implementation.
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