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Animal Health
  • The Animal Health sub-module of INAPH is designed to capture the entire gamut of activities related to health that is usually carried out on the animal. The data capturing is broadly based on: (a)Individual activity- wherein entering the unique identification number (tag no.) of each animal is mandatory and, (b) Mass activity- wherein it would suffice to record the village, species and number of animals etc, without the need to individually identify each animal.

  • Under individual activity, interventions like vaccination, deworming, disease testing, first aid and treatment can be linked to individual animals through their tag no. Under mass activity, campaigns conducted on a mass scale (namely, mass vaccination, mass deworming, mass disease testing and outbreak management) is captured in this software without the requirement of entering a tag no.

  • The software can also generate a variety of readymade reports which help in operations (action reports) and also in monitoring, analysis & decision making (MIS reports).The software can generate 7 action reports and 9 MIS reports from the database.
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