6. What are the Components and Sub Components of NDP I?

What are the Components and Sub Components of NDP I?

The various components and sub components of NDP I is as below:
Component A: Productivity Enhancement 

Sub Component A1: Breed Improvement
Production of high genetic merit (HGM) cattle and buffalo bulls and import of bulls/ semen/ embryos of HF and Jersey breeds for semen production.

Strengthening existing Semen Stations/ Starting new stations for producing high quality disease free semen doses 

Setting up a pilot model for viable doorstep AI delivery services (based on Standard Operating Procedures [SOPs]) through a professional service provider including animal tagging and performance record 

Sub Component A2: Animal Nutrition
Ration Balancing Programme 
Fodder Development 

Component B: Village based milk procurement systems for weighing, testing quality of milk received and making payment to milk producers 

Component C: Project Management & Learning 

Sub Component C1: ICT for MIS

Sub Component C2: Learning and Evaluation