1. Paint With Milk

Milk painting has been a very popular science experiment and there is a reason why we all love it! You can draw many abstract paintings and the results are stunning. Let’s begin this fun activity without further delay.


What you will need:

·         A bowl of almond or cow’s milk
·         Dish soap
·         Food colouring (4 food colours)
·         Shallow plates or wide bowls
·         Cotton swabs

Begin by filling a bowl with milk. Drop in 2 drops each of the food colours. Dip the cotton swab generously first into the dish soap followed by dipping it into the milk next to a colour. The colour will appear to burst as soon as the dish soap makes contact with it. This great effect will only last for a short while. Gently swirl the swab in the milk and see various interesting shapes starting to form.

Take photographs of what you create and show your work to your friends!

You can also preserve these designs on water colour paper by dipping the paper quickly and letting it dry.



2. Dancing Colours in Milk

Did you know that dish soap when added to milk and food colouring can create an explosion of colours? Try this simple science experiment with your kids at home and let them have fun while learning.


It’s a simple experiment and you don’t need too many materials.


A bowl of milk, a white plate, food colouring (green, blue, yellow and red), dish soap, cotton swab/toothpick and nothing else!


Pour the milk on a white plate and let it settle. 


Add 1 drop of the four different food colours to the milk and remember to pour these close together towards the center of the plate.


Dip the cotton swab in dish soap and touch the tip to the center of the milk. Don’t stir, just touch it and wait for the colours to dance and explode! It will swirl and move and the colours will dance for a while.


You can repeat this fun trick again and let your kid try it this time.


3. How to Turn Milk into Plastic

Did you know that milk can be made to look like plastic? Here’s an interesting experiment that both parents and kids can try at home and have fun with Milk! Mold the milk and vinegar mixture into interesting shapes and colour it.


Stuff you will need to get things started:

·         1 cup Hot Milk
·         A heat resistant cup/mug
·         4 teaspoons of vinegar
·         6 Paper towels
·         1 Spoon
·         Markers or Acrylic Paint
Pour a cup of hot milk and add 4 teaspoons of vinegar to the heat resistant mug/cup. Mix the milk and vinegar using the spoon by stirring for a few seconds. Small white clumps i.e. curdled milk will start forming. Keep 4 layers of paper towels on a surface that is safe to get damp. Drain the liquid out and the cooled mixture of curd can now be placed on these towels. Now, fold the edges of these paper towels and press them against the curd to soak the extra liquid. Make a small ball with the curd. Your casein plastic is ready!


You can now shape and mold it any way you want. Do this within 1 hour of getting your casein plastic ready.


Get creative and finish off your work by colouring it.


Let these dry by placing them on paper towels for around 48 hours.