About PMU

The Project Management Unit manages the implementation of the National Dairy Plan Phase I and monitors its day-to-day activities.  The unit is headed by Mission director and it includes a multi-disciplinary team comprising of professionals and experts that have relevant experience, knowledge, and operational capability and is responsible for preparation of annual plans; review and appraisal of sub-project proposals; project financial management; quality assurance and control; monitoring of project results; and providing support to end-implementing agencies as needed. The unit draws on the considerable technical staff and other resources at NDDB and other institutions as needed for project implementation.

The key activities of PMU are as follows:

  1. Preparation of Annual Action Plan of NDP I for consideration of National Steering Committee (NSC) and its approval;
  2. Assessing Financial Management (FM) and Procurement (Purchase) capacity of the EIAs, and organizing training wherever needed for their capacity building;
  3. Monitoring and coordination for the preparation of Sub Project Plans (SPPs) by End Implementing Agencies (EIAs) that meet the eligibility criteria;
  4. Technical and financial appraisal of SPPs received from EIAs and recommending SPPs for approval of the Project Steering Committee (PSC);
  5. Convening meeting of the PSC and putting forth issues to be decided upon from time to time during the implementation of the project
  6. Executing EIA Grant Agreement, issuing sanction letters to EIAs and monitoring of the fund disbursement and utilization.
  7. Management and reporting of the overall funds of NDP I and facilitating external audit;
  8. Coordinating with EIAs for periodic monitoring of the implementation of the project with respect to inputs, outputs, outcomes, processes and impacts of the various interventions as well as preparing / collating and submitting all reports related to NDP I for internal use and external reporting to DADF and World Bank;
  9. Facilitating and coordination of external Monitoring and Evaluation activities of NDP I through different surveys and studies to be conducted by specialized agencies hired for the purpose;
  10. Facilitating the procurement of goods, works and services by the EIAs through Framework agreement or otherwise, following the World Bank Procurement Guidelines.
  11. Monitoring of the EIAs with respect to their compliance with the Governance and Accountability Action Plan (GAAP) Framework
  12. Reviewing and monitoring of all Sub-project proposals from the environmental and social management perspectives in accordance with the Environment and Social Management (ESM) Framework as laid down in Strategic Environment and Social Assessment (SESA) report shared with DADF and the World Bank


External Monitoring and Evaluation