HRD emerges as critical differentiating factor in success of dairy cooperatives: Chairman, NDDB

HRD emerges as critical differentiating factor in success of dairy cooperatives: Chairman, NDDB


Anand, 22 January 2019: While inaugurating a one-day workshop on “Strengthening Human Resource Development and Management functions in Dairy Cooperatives & Producer Institutions” on 21st January 2019 at NDDB, Anand, Shri Dilip Rath, Chairman, NDDB said that the workshop is an important step to understand the critical HR issues faced by the Dairy Cooperatives and then design interventions to address them. Managing Directors/CEOs of more than 42 Milk Unions/Federations and Producer Companies participated in the workshop. Chairman, NDDB also released a manual on Human Resource Development in Dairy Cooperatives & Producer Companies (prepared by NDDB).

This manual will be a ready reckoner for Dairy Cooperatives and Producer Companies to adopt HRD policies and practices.

During the Operation Flood Programme, development of core functions and competencies in procurement, processing and marketing was emphasised. Shri Rath conveyed that though initiatives and interventions for large scale capacity building were undertaken during the OF, adoption of HR systems and processes in Cooperatives were not focused.

Chairman, NDDB further said that there is a strong correlation between good HR Systems and Processes and organization’s effectiveness and superior performance. If cooperatives have to become strong and sustainable in their business, they need to have vision, strong value system and culture that fosters leadership and creates a good working environment.

The workshop deliberated on the findings of a study instituted by NDDB on the theme “HR needs assessment of Dairy Cooperatives/Producer Institutions” and conducted by the Institute of Rural Management, Anand under National Dairy Plan I. The findings indicated the urgent need for induction of right number of human resources with right skill-sets and competencies especially in the areas of marketing, engineering and human resources to face the emerging challenges from private and multi-national players in dairy sector. The study highlighted that new inductees into the organization need to undergo exhaustive induction and socialization to help them understand the philosophy and mission of cooperatives. It also stressed on the urgent need for effective recruitment processes, training & capacity building and employee engagement initiatives.

HR experts from academia and industry shared their experiences about the impact of HRD initiatives/interventions on increasing organizational effectiveness and performance. It was also felt that Dairy Cooperatives/Producer Institutions should establish HRD Departments to ensure focused efforts in this direction.

During the open session that followed, a common understanding emerged - Irrespective of policy limitations that the Dairy Cooperatives/Producer Institutions face, it is important to take lead in introducing HRD initiatives focused on organizational capacity building, which will help them succeed in long run.