Chairman NDDB launches nutrition awareness campaign

Chairman NDDB launches nutrition awareness campaign

16 September 2019, Anand: In line with Government of India’s National Nutrition Month celebration, Shri Dilip Rath, Chairman, NDDB launched the nutrition awareness campaign on 16th September 2019 at NDDB, Anand. The Dairy Board will be celebrating nutrition awareness week from 16th to 20th September 2019.

As a part of the event, Chairman, NDDB flagged off a vehicle displaying information on balanced nutrition and necessity of inclusion of milk & milk products in regular diet. The vehicle will visit government schools in & around Anand and distribute milk to around 5000 students during the week.

He informed that malnutrition is the major cause of morbidity and mortality in our country. It is a problem owing to inadequate consumption of critical nutrients resulting in a significant number of children being stunted or underweight. As per NFHS, 36% of the children under 5 in our country are underweight and 38% are stunted.

Milk is a complete food and a vital constituent of a balanced diet. It’s rich in various macro and micro nutrients like protein, vitamins and various minerals, which are essential for maintaining good health. Numerous studies have shown that regular milk consumption by children improves their health and cognitive parameters as well reduces nutritional deficiencies.

Shri Rath said that popularising locally available sustainable diets will affect the consumption choices of our future generation as well as benefit the farmers, besides protecting our fragile agri-food system in this era of climate change. Every small step taken in this direction takes us closer to achieving the mission of malnutrition free India by 2022 in a sustainable manner.

With an aim to address malnutrition, NDDB had set up NDDB Foundation for Nutrition (NFN) for providing milk to government school children. NFN’s Giftmilk programme runs by channelizing the CSR allocations of corporates. It strives to provide 200 ml of flavoured pasteurised toned milk to government school children on all working days. So far NFN has distributed around 70 lakh units of milk to around 48000 children in 7 states across the country.