Dairy Surveyor

Co-operative Milk Unions in India are farmers’ organisations, which operate in large geographical areas with multiple activities to support the dairy farmers in villages. For proper monitoring and planning of these activities, it is thus important that the villages are properly identified on a digital map and also all relevant village level data are integrated and presented together under one platform. With the advancement of internet based GIS technology, it is now possible to integrate and quickly disseminate the tremendous amount of attribute and graphical data of villages into usable information for decision making by all stakeholders of the dairy sector. The development and implementation of Internet based Dairy Geographical Information System (i-DGIS), a strong visualisation tool, not only enables identification of villages but also integrates human census and livestock census of villages, in all the major milk producing states of India. It has been developed by the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), primarily to support the End Implementing Agencies (EIAs) of the National Dairy Plan-I, who are mostly Milk Unions. Further, it can also act as a tool for convergence of planning of activities related to the dairy sector, for multiple stakeholders like Animal Husbandry Dept of State / Central Govt, Livestock Development Boards, NGOs etc.      

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