R & D initiatives for developing feed supplements

Animal Nutrition group has developed ‘GarbhaMin’ bolus for curing problem of anoestrus/repeat breeding in dairy animals. ‘Calsagar’ feed pellets for supplementing calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D3 for enhanced milk production. NDDB has developed rumen protected choline chloride as supplement along with bypass fat for improved milk production and conception rate in dairy animals. Development of a formulation to reduce incidences of sub-clinical mastitis is underway.

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NDDB has developed calf starter in 3 mm pellets, which contains calcium propionate, vitamins A, D3, E and minerals. This calf starter helps in faster growth & early maturity of young calves. This calf starter is being marketed by IIL under the brand name of ‘’Rajdan Junior’’. A bull supplement containing chelated minerals, vitamins and herbs is now commercially produced by IIL, Hyderabad under the brand name “Nandi Bull Supplement”.