Mobile Semen Processing Laboratory

NDDB has developed a State of the Art   Mobile Clean Room Laboratory, a first of it’s kind in India.  The laboratory with its Class “C” and Class “D” clean room  for  processing of “Semen” and “Embryo”.  The “Force” motor vehicle (passenger Vehicle) has been extensively  modified to build the Laboratory. The vehicle has been fitted with special air bellow system to dampen the vibrations/jerks  while on move and is provided with speed governor. The vehicle has also been made sound proof to a level of 60 DB.

mobile semen processing lab 1 mobile semen processing lab 2

The Clean Room Laboratory  housing  is made with modular panels of Glass Reinforced Fibre (GRP), provided with Special doors with  access control. The flooring of the laboratory is provided with   anti-static Vinyl flooring.  The Laboratory is provided with  an effective  HVAC system for maintaining  controlled environment (Positive pressure, temperature, and humidity).

The  Laboratory is housed with Dynamic Pass box, Laboratory  Benching on special  anti vibration  support,  Laminar Air flow Units, electrical control system with power back up of DG and UPS,  GPRS tracking   system, Video Cameras (CCTV) and display unit for training and demonstration. The mobile lab has a change room and   is installed with   Semen processing equipment viz, incubators, packing & freezing equipment’s including LN2 container and embryo freezers.

The Laboratory has been tested under dynamic and static conditions and has been validated with class ISO 7 and ISO 8 for  temperature, humidity, particle counts.