BSL2-NIVEDI Lab Project, Bengaluru

A state of the art bio-safe laboratory has been set up for National Institute of Veterinary Epidemiology and Disease Informatics (NIVEDI), a unit of ICAR for animal disease monitoring and surveillance. This is a BSL2+ facility designed to handle   animal  pathogens such as PPR, blue tongue etc with a view to diagnose, forecast  and forewarning of animal diseases  to control  epidemic disease outbreaks in  the country.

This project has been conceptualised, designed and executed by NDDB within a record completion period of 18 months during 2013-2014. The laboratory has been successfully commissioned and handed over to the Project authority in Dec-2014.

Following are the salient features of the  Bio safe  Laboratory

  • The Laboratory is BSL2+ level of containment with Bio Safety Cabinets  as primary containment and Controlled environment chambers as secondary containment.
  • The Laboratory building is provided with  4  main laboratory Chambers for handing  Bacteriology, Virology, Pathology and Parasitology.
  • The laboratory chambers are maintained under negative pressure ( -30 Pa) with temperature (23 to 25 deg C) and humidity  ( RH 55 to 60).
  • The laboratory has been built with pre engineered pre-fabricated clean room modular partitions.
  • The controlled environment in the Lab is ensured with highly reliable HVAC and Building Management System.
  • The laboratory is provided with effective effluent de-contamination system.

The project  has been executed with  the following green building measures;

  • Extensive architectural features to receive natural (sun) light.
  • Usage of LED light fixtures & solar powered LED street lights.
  • Heat reflective coating on the building terraces resulting in lowering of roof temperature by about 6 to 8 deg C.
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Usage of highly energy efficient HVAC equipment.

It has been planned to install Solar PV power generation system  on the building terraces to generate 50 KW power  to meet the load of ACs & lighting.