Repeat breeding


Remedies /Plant name (Hindi name in brackets)

Portion used and preparation mode

Dose and amount


Repeat breeding

Curry leaves (Kari patta)

Take 2 handful of Curry leaves.

After insemination for 10 days.

Mimosa pudica (Chuimui)

200 gm of the plant and prepare decoction.

Give for 2-3 days.









Brinjal (Bengan) , Horse gram

Ripened fruit– 1 Kg (either alone or with horse gram)

Horse gram– 250 gm soak and grind.

Give brinjal first followed by horse gram  daily for one week .

Coconut tree

Extract the juice from the newly opened inflorescence and mix with tender coconut water.

Drench once  a day for 3 to 4 days.