Salient Features of Ideal DCS

  • Transparent milk collection and testing system: As DCS is market to milk producers the transparency in the collection and testing ensures right price to the producers.
  • Cleanliness: The most important feature is cleanliness in the DCS and its premises. It reflects the clean milking practices to be followed by producers and leads by example.
  • Record keeping: There are various books of accounts to be maintained in DCS and every producer has right to know about the ins and outs of the institution. Hence, the book keeping in DCS should be well updated and properly maintained.
  • Regular updates to producers through meetings: Meetings of Management committee every month is requisite for DCS with all the members participating. It is a forum through which DCS can keep a check on its activities and develop a vision for growth and align their activities accordingly.
  • Payment system: Milk bill payment is to be done in regularly. It helps in developing faith of pourers in the system. The faith in the system finally leads to a strong institution.
  • Training of DCS staff and producers: DCS needs to regularly train its staff and update them to new methods of milk collection and technology. DCS should also engage in training of producer members so that they learn scientific methods of cattle rearing.