Nutritional Care After Calving

Feeding and management during the transition period has a significant
bearing on the lactation length and total milk yield.

  • Immediately after calving, the cow/buffalo has a low appetite and will not eat as much feed as the body may require.
  • Cow/buffalo undergoes a lot of stress while calving, therefore, the animal should be given light, palatable, mild laxative ration containing warm rice gruel, boiled rice/ wheat bran, boiled millet or wheat mixed with edible oil, bypass fat, Jaggery, Soya, Asafoetida, Methi, Black Cumin, ginger etc. for 2 to 3 days after calving. This kind of diet is also helpful in early expulsion of placenta.
  • In addition, the animal should be given tender green fodder and fresh water as much as it wants to drink, but do not give hot water.
  • Ensure the milking cow has constant access to clean drinking water and receives requuired quantity of Area Specific Mineral Mixture daily.