Dairy & Food

Analysis of dairy and food products for composition, fat soluble & B-complex vitamins, fatty acids, cholesterol, sugar profile and minerals of nutritional importance.

Feed and its Ingredients

Analysis of cattle feed and its ingredients for proximates, aflatoxin B1, mineral elements, amino acids and vitamins. Analysis of mineral mixture and mineral salts for various mineral elements and heavy metals.

Food and Feed Safety Parameters

Analysis of various toxicants and contaminants – pesticide residues, antibiotic drug residues, heavy metals, pathogens, adulterants and aflatoxin M1 , B1 , B2 , G1 and G2 , PAHs, Dioxins & PCBs and other emerging contaminants.

Genetic Testing

Testing of blood and semen samples for Parentage verification, karyotyping and genetic disorders in cattle and buffaloes.