Analytical Research

CALF Laboratory provides professional analytical research in Food, Feed and other Agricultural products for both the public and private sectors.

We have expertise and experience in analytical method development and validation, while being equally experienced in using mixed methods and different approaches. In fact we often use both qualitative and quantitative techniques to obtain rich and informative findings.

We are well equipped to undertake sophisticated method development for quality and safety parameters of dairy and other food and agricultural products and their method validation based on international regulations. As our conclusions are based on well designed procedures and relevant state-of-the-art analytical instrumental techniques, our methodologies consistently provide our customers with well supported findings that have a wide range of applications. These applications include helping policy makers to make more effective decisions as well as guiding their planning when it comes to designing appropriate policies for the future.

We are able to manage large scale analytical research projects, ensuring that projects will be delivered within the agreed time line and budget.