Biological Laboratory

The microbiology laboratory of CALF has all the instruments to meet the requirements of industry and regulatory bodies for testing microbial load and pathogens. Laboratory is also equipped to carry out testing of microbial parameters by PCR based assays.
Sr. No. Name of the equipment
1 Biosafety Cabinet
2 Incubators
3 Low temperature Incubators
4 Waterbath
5 Laminar air flow unit
6 Microscope
8 Weighing Balance
9 Autoclave

National Dairy Development Board has implemented National Dairy Plan (NDP) Phase – I for enhancement of milk production through various strategies, including genetic improvement in dairy animals. Genetics laboratory of CALF is equipped to carry out the analysis of samples for this programme of national importance by using the following equipment:-

Sr. No. Name of the equipment
1 Thermocycler
2 Genetic Analyser
3 Automatic Nucleic Acid Isolation System (MPLC 2.0)
4 Spectrophotometer- Instrument
5 Gel Documentation System
6 Electronic Balance
7 Centrifuge Machine- Swing out Head
8 Cooling Centrifuge
9 Micro - Centrifuge Machine
10 Water Bath
11 Submarine Gel Electrophoresis
12 Laminar Air Flow Unit
13 Dry bath
14 Laminar Air Flow Unit
15 Autoclave- Vertical
16 Incubator Universal
17 PCR Workstation