Guidelines for Preparation of Sub Project Plans (SPP)

Guidelines for Preparation of Sub Project Plans (SPP)


The duration of the project period for the SPPs to be submitted by EIAs shall be between 2011-12 to 2016-17.
The SPPs under NDP I will be prepared by the End Implementing Agencies (EIAs) and be submitted to the PMU, NDDB.
A background note and present status of dairy development in the covered area especially in respect of components proposed needs to be incorporated in the plan.
The SPP shall contain a fact sheet showing the salient features of the plan as per the given format.
Component / Item-wise justification needs to be provided elaborately supported with facts and figures.
The SPP shall provide the relevant information on existing Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development infrastructure available in the proposed area as per the given format.
All the components proposed under the sub project should clearly indicate its unit costs as well as detailed cost break up based on prevailing market price and based on the unit costs of similar ongoing schemes of DADF.
The SPP would comprise of a number of annexure which are to be filled up based on data available with Government sources, benchmark survey, and international agencies of repute (e.g. United Nations website, International Dairy Federation, United States Department of Agriculture and other Government sources).  Source of data needs to be mentioned suitably in the annexure.  The list of annexure would be available in the website of NDDB and DADF.
The EIAs may ensure that there is  synergy between relevant central/ state government schemes and NDP I as mentioned in
section 3.8 of the Project Implementation Plan.

The SPP may be written out as per the chapter outline.

The content of the concerned chapters in the SPP should contain information that adequately answers the following questions for successful appraisal.  


  • Whether the EIA has the relevant experience in the project activity for a certain minimum (say 3-5 years) period of years?
  • Whether the EIA has adequate professional manpower with relevant experience and whether gap analysis (manpower strength and skills) for human resources has been carried out?
  • Whether in case of gaps, any action plan has been recommended for recruitment and/or capacity building?
  • Whether the EIA has the required infrastructure for support services? If not, does it have any confirmed alternative arrangements?
  • Are the objectives of the sub project in line with the overall project (NDP I) objectives?
  • In addition to the above general aspects, have the specific technical aspects for each component/sub-component /activity been appraised by the respective technical group at NDDB?
  • Whether the risks of the sub project involved have been clearly identified and whether the risk mitigation measures suggested by the EIA adequate?


  • Whether the EIA has the adequate Financial Management (FM) capabilities (as per FM Assessment Questionnaire/ Checklist) is contained in the FM Handbook for preparation of a SPP (Volume II of Project Implementation Plan (PIP)).
  • Whether the EIA earned net profit during the last 2 years?  If not, whether the EIA will have adequate financial strength to sustain the sub project activities?
  • Whether the EIA has given its past financial performance (for last five years, if possible) in detail?
  • In case the EIA’s contribution is required, whether it has the capability to contribute the same, including raising funds from other sources?
  • Are the cost components provided in the SPP validated?
  • Whether the financial outlay of the project is commensurate with the physical targets proposed?
  • Whether the concerned technical groups have substantiated the assumptions?
  • Will the sub project generate sufficient revenue to become financially sustainable by End of Plan? If not, has proper justification been provided?
  • Has it been confirmed by EIA that it is not seeking grant-in-aid for the same sub project from Government or any other source?
  • Has the EIA agreed to provide physical and financial information related to the sub project on a regular periodicity, to PMU?


  • Procurement means purchase of goods, works and hiring individual consultants.  Does the EIA confirm that it has seen and understood the Project Procurement Manual (Volume III of Project Implementation Plan (PIP)), Bank’s Procurement and Consultant Guidelines?
  • Did the EIA submit the SPP which includes (a) existing procurement arrangement and proposed procurement arrangement for implementation of sub project (b) delegation of procurement powers for implementing the sub project (c) procurement data for last six months to assess procurement performance and (d) Filled up procurement capacity assessment questionnaire.

Environmental and Social (E&S):

  • Has the E&S impact of the sub project been examined based on the filled in “Environmental & Social Checklist for sub projects” submitted by EIA?
  • Based on the above checklist, whether the sub project has been recommended?
  • Has the impact categorization for the sub project been carried out and the appropriate action plan according to the categorization has been confirmed by the EIA?

Governance Assessment:

  • Has the Governance and Accountability Action Plan of the sub project been examined based on the filled in “Governance and Accountability Action Plan Questionnaire” submitted by EIA?
  • Based on the above questionnaire, whether the sub project has been recommended?
  • Whether Grievance Redressal Officer has been put in place by the EIA?