Projects & Operations


Projects & Operations

List of Approved Sub Projects

The projects and operations under NDP I are aimed at increasing the productivity of milch animals and improving the market access of milk producers in the project area. These objectives would be pursued through: (a) adoption of scientific and systematic processes in provision of technical inputs and services to milk producers at their doorsteps; and (b) facilitating access of milk producers to the organized milk processing sector.

The key principles underlying the project design are:

  • A dairy farmer-centric approach.
  • Improving quality of inputs and services delivered to farmers – through adoption of common protocols and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in provision of technical inputs and other services at the farmer's doorstep.
  • Enhancing market access for sale of surplus milk by milk producers -- through village level institutional structures operating in a fair and transparent manner.
  • An enabling policy and regulatory environment to support implementation of project investments.

Under the Project, sub project proposals will be prepared by the End Implementing Agencies and will be submitted to Project Management Unit for obtaining necessary approvals.