The National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) was founded in 1965 to replace exploitation with empowerment, tradition with modernity, stagnation with growth, transforming dairying into an instrument for the development of India's rural people.
NDDB began its operations with the mission of making dairying a vehicle to a better future for millions of grassroots milk producers. The mission achieved thrust and direction with the launching of "Operation Flood", a programme extending over 26 years and which used World Bank loan to finance India's emergence as the world's largest milk producing nation. Operation Flood's third phase was completed in 1996 and has to its credit a number of significant achievements.
As on March 2014, India's 1,60,000 village dairy cooperatives federated into 177 milk unions and 15 federations procured on an average 34.2 million kg of milk every day. 15.4 million farmers are presently members of village dairy cooperatives. Since its inception, the Dairy Board has planned and spearheaded India's dairy programmes by placing dairy development in the hands of milk producers and the professionals they employ to manage their cooperatives. In addition, NDDB also promotes other commodity-based cooperatives, allied industries and veterinary biologicals on an intensive and nation-wide basis.
Shri Dilip Rath is the Chairman of NDDB.