To meet the rapidly growing demand for milk a scientifically planned multi-state initiative to increase milk production by improving milch animal productivity through a focused approach to breeding and feeding is required.

To accelerate the genetic progress in the cattle and buffalo population in the country, under NDP-I, it is proposed to raise the percentage of animals bred through artificial insemination from the current level of 20% to 35% by 2016-17 and to 50% by 2021-22. To breed the targeted number of breedable animals, the country would need to create facilities to increase semen production from the current level of 66.8 million to 100 million by 2016-17 and 140 million by 2021-22. And to produce the required number of doses from high genetic merit bulls, the country would need about 900 quality bulls annually to replace old bulls by 2016-17 and about 1200 bulls by 2021-22.

I)    NDP Projects
II)   Non-NDP Projects