Establishment of Breed Multiplication Farms

Expression of Interest(EOI)


Entrepreneur-aggregator/private individuals/SHGs/FPOs/FCOs/JLGs and Section 8 companies




Rashtriya Gokul Mission Scheme 


National Dairy Development Board, Anand







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Invitation For Expression of Interest



Letter of Invitation






Aims & Objectives



EOI Processing Fees



Process for submission of proposal and deadline



Validity of Offer



Term of Reference




Instructions to Entities/Individuals



Qualification Criteria



Evaluation Criteria & Method of Evaluation






Conflict of Interest



Condition under which EOI isissued



Last Date of submission of EOI






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Format –2



Format –3



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Annexure I–Terms of Reference



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Annexure III



1. Text of Advertisement


Department of Animal Husbandry (DAHD), under Rashtryia Gokul Mission scheme of Govt. of India has approved a project to facilitate establishment of Breed Multiplication Farms through entrepreneurship model for making available High Genetic Merit heifers of cattle and buffaloes breeds to farmers. National Dairy Development Board being implementing agency, invites Expression of Interest (EOI from the eligible Entrepreneur/applicant. EOI is to be submitted on online portal at  for the above project.The EoI submitted till 25th of every month 15:00 Hours (IST) will be processed in next month.

EOI document is available on NDDB website and the link is:  and


Applicants meeting the qualification criteria may be invited for presentation before the Selection Committee.

For further clarifications, if any, contact:


Group Head, (Purchase) 

NDDB, Anand 

Gujarat – 388 001 

Phone : 02692 226 371 


Note : NDDB or anyofitsdesignatesreservestherighttocancelthisrequestfor EoI and/or invite afresh with or without amendments, without liability or any obligation forsuch requestforEOIandwithoutassigninganyreason.Informationprovidedatthisstageisindicativeand NDDB reservestheright toamend/addfurtherdetailsinthe EOI. Any Corrigendum/modification etc. will be posted only on the NDDB website.


2. Letter of Invitation 

National Dairy Development Board, Anand 


Dated : 20/10/2021 


National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) invites Expression ofInterest (EOI) through email from entrepreneur-aggregator/private individuals, SHGs/ FPOs/FCOs/JLGs and Section 8 companies for Establishment of Breed Multiplication Farm. 

The EOI Document containing the details of qualification criteria,submission requirement, brief objective & scope of work and method of evaluation etc. is mentioned below.

EOI document is available on NDDB website and the link is: and

Interested entrepreneur-aggregator/private individuals, SHGs/ FPOs/ FCOs/ JLGs and Section 8 companies may submit their responses through online portal at


Yours faithfully, 

Group Head (Purchase), 

National Dairy Development Board 

Anand – 388 001, Gujarat


Queries if any may be referred in writing to or Telephone: 9726425845/9979148769


S.No. Critical Dates Date Time

1. Publishing Date (Newspaper) 30-10-2021

2. Publishing date (Web site) 20-10-2021 18:30

3. Document Download Start Date 20-10-2021 18:30

4. Document Download End Date No End Date

5. EoI Submission Start Date 21-10-2021

6. EoI Submission End Date 25th of every month 15:00

7. EoI Opening Date 25th of every month 15:30


3. Background : 

At present entrepreneurs/farmers interested in taking up dairy programme are facing difficulties in sourcing disease free high yielding heifers or cows and farmers are dependent on either middlemen or other farmers maintaining dairy animals for sourcing their requirement of dairy animals. There is no system available in the country for producing disease free elite animals of indigenous breeds ofcattle and buffalo or exotic breeds of cattle. Therefore it is proposed to establish breed multiplication farms through entrepreneurship model to make available disease free high yielding heifers/pregnant heifers /cows preferably of indigenous breeds of cattle/buffaloes in the country. 

It is proposed to make available 50% capital subsidy (limited to Rs. 2.00 Crore) to the interested entrepreneur forconstruction of cattle sheds, equipment, procurement of elite bull mothers etc. Theentrepreneur will establish breed multiplication farm (BMF) and produce elite heifers using sexed semenor IVF technology. 

Disease free heifers (free from at least TB, JD & Brucella) produced at the BMF will be sold to interested farmers and HGM bulls born at BMF will be procured by semen stations for semen production, subject to qualifying Minimum Standards for production of frozen semen. BMF will also act as the training centre to conduct training for farmers and entrepreneurs.


4. Aims & Objectives : 

  • To develop private entrepreneurs for undertaking cattle and buffalo breeding.

  • To make available disease free high yielding heifers/pregnant heifers/cows preferably of indigenous breeds of cattle/buffalo.

  • To incentivize private individuals Entrepreneurs,FPOs,SHGs,JLGs,and Section 8 companies for establishment of breed multiplication farm.

  • Spreading awareness about scientific management practices including animal nutrition,disease prevention etc.

  • Multiplication of high yielding milch animals through scientific breeding including IVF technology and sexed semen. 


5. EOI Processing Fees : 

      There is no processing fees for the submission of EoI. 

6. Process for submission of proposal and deadline : 

Proposal,in its complete form in all respects as specified in the EOI,must be submitted to the email id specified herein. In exceptional circumstances and at its discretion, NDDB may extend the deadline for submission of proposals by issuing an amendment to be made available on NDDB website, in which case all rights and obligations of NDDB and the bidders, previously subject to the original deadline will there after be subject to the deadline as extended.

7. Validity of Offer : 

The offer for EOI as per this document shall be valid for a period of 90 days initially, which may be extended further if required by NDDB. 

8. Terms of Reference : 

The detailed terms of reference are enclosed at Annexure-I. 

9. Instructions to Entrepreneur – Aggregator / Private Individuals, SHGS / FPOS / FCOS / JLGS and Section 8 Companies : 

    9.1 The Expression of Interest is to be submitted through online portal mentioned as and all information as detailed below is to be updated on portal:- 

      1. Applicant’s Expression of Interest as per Format-1.

      2. Organizational/Individual contact details as per Format – 2

      3. Experience of the organization/individualas per Format-3.

      4. Financial strength of the company/Individualas per Format-4.

      5. Additional information as per Format-5.

      6. Declaration as per Format-6.

      7. Power of Attorney in favour of Authorized Signatory with long and short signatures of Authorized person. 

    9.2 EOI Documents have been hosted on the website


      may be downloaded from the website. 

           The bidders are expected to examine all instructions, forms, terms and other details inthe EOI document carefully. Failure to furnish complete information as mentioned inthe EOI document or submission of a  proposal not substantially responsive to the EOIdocuments in every respect will be at the Bidder’s risk and may result in rejection of the proposal. 


10. Qualification Criteria : 

Following will be the minimum pre-qualification criteria.Each eligible entrepreneur-aggregator/ private individuals,SHGs/ FPOs/ FCOs/ JLGs and Section 8 companies should possess all the following pre-qualification criteria. Responses not meeting the minimum pre-qualification criteria will be out rightly rejected and will not be evaluated further. 





Compliance document


The applicant shall be an entrepreneur-aggregator /private individuals,SHGs/FPOs/FCOs/ JLGs and Section 8 companies

and who have their registered offices in India.

Copy of Certificate of

incorporation and Partnership Deed, ifany

For individuals, copy of Aadhar card along with Bank statement for the period October,2020 – September,2021


Entrepreneur/applicant shall have appropriate experience in breeding or rearing of dairyanimals

Proof of their activity : Certificate of experience in breeding and rearing of dairy animals from local Govt. Veterinarian (Annexure-II)


The entrepreneur/applicant will be responsible for arranging land of suitable size and location.At least having ownership/lease deed of 5 acres of land.

copy of ownership document/lease deed (valid at least upto December 31, 2026)


Entrepreneur/applicant will make its own arrangement for

procurement of feed and fodder as per requirement of the farm

Commitment letter from the supplier of feed and fodder


The entrepreneur will establish breed multiplication farm of atleast 200 milch cows / buffalo and using latest breeding technology for continuously upgrading stock.

Affidavit for the same to be submitted (Annexure-III)



11. Evaluation Criteria and Method of Evaluation: 

      1. Screening of EOIs shall be carried out as per Qualification criteria mentioned at point no 10. 

      1. Entrepreneur/applicant fulfilling the Qualification criteria will be called for further evaluation. 

      1. A selection committee comprising of Officers from DAHD, NDDB and/or External expert will be constituted for evaluation of identified Entrepreneur/applicant. 

      1. Identified Entrepreneur/applicant will have to make a presentation before the selection committee in prescribed format, which would be shared in the later stage. At the same time Entrepreneur/applicant will have to submit EMD of Rs.1.00 lakh (Rupees One Lakh only) in the form of Demand Draft or NEFT in favour of National Dairy Development Board, Anand. 

      1. Selection committee will evaluate each proposal on the basis of defined scoring pattern and shortlist Entrepreneur/applicant for further field verification. 

      1. Selection committee or its representative may conduct field verification to assess the details submitted by the shortlisted Entrepreneur /applicant. 

      1. Financial competency of the shortlisted Entrepreneur/applicant will be assessed by the selection committee based on document submitted, presentation made and field verification. 

      1. On the basis of presentation made and field verification, selection committee would recommend the finally selected Entrepreneur(s)/ applicant(s) to bank/financial institution for loan. 

      1. After receipt of sanction letter from bank/financial institution, NDDB will submit the proposal for approval of DAHD. The selected Entrepreneur(s)/applicant(s) will have to arrange remaining project fund from its own resources or loan from financial institutions. 

12. Response :

    1. Bidders must ensure that their Bid response is submitted as per the formats attached with this document. 

    1. Application to be submitted through email with a subject line “EOI for Establishment of Breed Multiplication Farm.”

13. Conflict of Interest : 

    1. Where there is any indication that a conflict of interest exists or may arise, it shall be the responsibility of the Bidder to inform,detailing the conflict in writing as an attachment to this Bid. 

    1. NDDB will be the final arbiter in cases of potential conflicts of interest. Failure to notify NDDB of any potential conflict of interest will invalidate any verbal or written agreement. 

    1. A Conflict of Interest is where a person who is involved in the procurement has or may be perceived to have a personal interest in ensuring that a particular Bidder is successful.Actual and potential conflicts of interest must be declared by a person involved in a Bid process.

14. Condition under which EOI is issued : 

The EOI is not an offer and is issued with no commitment NDDB reserves the right to withdraw EOI and or vary any part there of at any stage. NDDB further reserves the right to disqualify any bidder,should it be so necessary at anystage. 

15. Last date of submission of EOI : 

There is no last date for submission of the EoI. The EoI submitted till 25th of every month 15:00 Hours (IST) will be processed in next month.

16. Formats for submission: 










Sub : Submission of Expression of Interest to Establish Breed Multiplication Farm 


Inresponse to the Invitation for Expressions of Interest (EOI) published on xx.xx.xxxx for the above purpose, we would like to express interest to carry out the above proposed task. As instructed, we are uploading the following documents: 

    1. Organizational/IndividualDetails(Format-2)

    2. Experience in related fields(Format-3)

    3. Financial strength of the organization/Individual(Format-5)

    4. Additional information(Format-6)

    5. Declaration(Format-7)

    6. Proof of land possession at least 5 acres.

    7. Commitment to make own arrangement for feed & fodder andto maintain at least 200 adult animals in order to supply at least 90 cattle or 70 buffalo High Genetic Merit Heifers to Farmers

Sincerely Yours,

Signature of the applicant[Full name of applicant]Stamp





Note:This is to be furnished on the letter head of the organization.







Name of Organization/Individual






Type of Organization Firm / Company / Partnership Firm registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1956 / the Partnership Act, 1932



Whether the firm/Individual has been black listed by any CentralGovt./StateGovt./PSU/Govt.Bodies/Autonomous? If yes,details there of.



Contact Person with telephone no.&e-mailID


Enclose :

1 Copy of Certificate of Incorporation.

2 Copy of Article of Association in respect of 3 above.

3 Undertaking in respect of 4 above.


Signature of applicant 

Full name of the applicant 

Stamp & Date





Experience in Related Fields



Overview of the past experience of the Organization / Individual in all aspects related to Animal Husbandry / Dairying


Type of Activity


Annual turnover / Annual Income










Decision of Evaluating Committee in ascertaining “similar nature” and “similar assignment” will be final.

Signature of applicant

Full name of the applicant

Stamp & Date




Financial Strength of the Entity/Individual



Financial Year

Whether profitable

Yes / No

(Not applicable in case of individuals)

Annual net profit / Annual Income (Rs in lakhs)

Overall annual turnover (Rs in lakhs)

Annual turnover from the related activities (AH / Dairying)



















Note:Please enclose auditor’s certificate in support of your claim.


Signature of applicant 

Full name of the applicant 

Stamp & Date





Additional Information

1. List all enclosures related to the previous 




No. of pages













2. Additional information to support the eligibility as per Section 7 (Not more than 2 pages)


Signature of applicant 

Full name of the applicant 

Stamp & Date








I/we hereby confirm that I/we am/are interested in competing for the Establishment of Breed Multiplication Farm.


All the information provided herewith is genuine and accurate.


Authorized person’s signature.


Name and Designation :


Date of Signature :


Note : The declaration is to be furnished on the letter head of the organization.








1. Essential Criteria of selection of entrepreneur: 

  • The entrepreneur-aggregator can be a private individuals / FPOs / Farmer Cooperative Organisations (FCO)/SHGs / JLGs and Section 8 companies.

  • Entrepreneur shall have appropriate experience in breeding or rearing of farm animals

  • The entrepreneur will be responsible for arrangement of land of suitable size and location. At least having ownership/lease deed of suitable size of land to house 200 animals and its followers.

  • Any individual/ organization availing loan facility under Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Development Fund (AHIDF) for establishment of breed multiplication farm would also be allowed to obtain subsidy under breed multiplication farm.

  • Entrepreneur will make its own arrangement for procurement of feed and fodder as per requirement of the farm.

  • The entrepreneur will establish breed multiplication farm of at least 200 milch cows / buffalo and using latest breeding technology for continuously upgrading stock.

  • The entrepreneur may make available minimum 90 elite female calves in case of cattle and minimum 70 elite female calves in case of buffaloes every year to farmers on cost basis out of the total calves born at the farm. Sexed semen and IVF technology will be used by the entrepreneur for production of female calves. Remaining female calves may be used for replacement of the stock available at the farm

  • The entrepreneur will make available high yielding heifers/ pregnant heifers/cows to the farmers / small entrepreneurs interested in taking up dairying. The entrepreneur will also guide farmers on animal nutrition, vaccination, disease testing, maintaining bio-security etc. and also in veterinary aid to the farmer.

2. Funding pattern: 

  • Central Government will provide one time assistance to each entrepreneur for establishment of breeder farm. The said one time assistance will be limited to 50 % of the project cost (including Capital cost and Animal cost) or Rs. 2 crore whichever is lower. Beneficiary should arrange the balance fund either by way of loan from scheduled banks/ financial institution or its own funds. Loan period, margin money and collateral may be as decided by the lending Bank/financial institution.

  • The capital subsidy will be provided for the cost of housing, procurement of breeding animals along with transportation & insurance cost, equipment /machines in the form of capital cost (except land).

  • The scheme is applicable for only new farms. Existing farms will not be eligible under the scheme.

  • The subsidy will be routed through NDDB.

3. Implementing Agency and Fund Flow Mechanism:

Project will be implemented through NDDB as implementing agency of the project. Subsidy will be released directly to in to the beneficiary’s loan account, through NDDB.

4. Project Approval and Monitoring: 

  • NDDB will float expression of interest for submission of the project as per guidelines of the scheme.

  • Entrepreneur will formulate bankable proposal as per guidelines and submit proposal directly to NDDB. Entrepreneur will also tie up with bank/financial institution for obtaining 50% of the project cost as loan. In case Entrepreneur/Agency has its own resources to meet the project cost and does not require loan, would also be considered.

  • On receipt of such proposals from entrepreneurs, a committee constituted by Implementing Agency (NDDB) will screen all the application for eligibility. 

  • NDDB will appraise the projects on technical as well as financial aspects and subject to fulfilling the technical/financial criteria, such eligible projects will be recommended by Implementing Agency (NDDB) to concerned bank/ financial institutions for loan sanctioning. 

  • Implementing Agency (IA)/NDDB will obtain proof from the bank/ financial institutions that loan amount is sanctioned to entrepreneur and submit it to DAHD for approval.

  • First installment of the 50% of the subsidy amount will be released after approval of the project by DAHD and after bank/financial institution releasing 1st tranche in to the loan account of entrepreneur.

  • After the receipt of the report from Implementing Agency that full infrastructure is in place and animals have been inducted another 25% of the subsidy amount will be released.

  • After receipt of report from Implementing Agency that births of 10% calves have been completed at the farm, the remaining balance 25% of the subsidy amount will be made available to entrepreneur.

  • The assets will be monitored through GIS tagging. The State Government will be advised for physical monitoring of beneficiaries at regular interval. NDDB will also make arrangement for monitoring of the project. 

  • A legal agreement will be signed between the beneficiary /applicant/ entrepreneur and NDDB indicating the necessary course of action in case of non-implementation of the project as envisaged.


5. Total Project Cost: 

  • It is estimated that an amount of Rs 4 crores will be required for establishment of breed multiplication farm with the capacity of 200 milch animals. Therefore, maximum subsidy will 50% of the project cost (Capital cost and animal cost) or Rs 2 crores whichever is lower.

6. Model Project:

Technical Programme: 

200 cows/ buffalo of high yielding preferably of indigenous breeds (Exotic/Crossbred animals can also be inducted) will be inducted at the farm. Animal of indigenous breeds (true to the breed) like Gir, Sahiwal, Red Sindhi, Tharparkar etc in case of cattle and like Murrah, Mehsana, Banni, Jaffarabadi, Nili Ravi etc in case of buffaloes will be purchased by the Entrepreneur. The animals at the farm should meet the minimum standards of dam’s lactation mentioned in the MSP of Bovine Frozen Semen Production. 

Animals will be inseminated with sexed semen preferably of progeny tested bulls with dams lactation yield above 4000 kgs in case of indigenous cattle/ buffalo breeds. Semen straws will be purchased from different semen stations in the country. 

Farm may use IVF technology and implant embryos of indigenous cattle/buffalo breeds with high yielding potential. In embryo production donor of indigenous cattle/buffalo breeds may be yielding more than 4000kg and semen may be from indigenous cattle /buffalo bulls with dams lactation yield above 4000 (in case of Kankrej more than 3000 kg and in case of Tharparkar more than 3500 kg). Bulls used in embryo production preferably progeny tested/ genomically tested. 

About 126 female calves and 14 male calves will be born at the farm annually. 20 female calves from the elitist of elite dams will be retained at the farm for replacement of the herd @ 20% per annum. Minimum 90 female calves/pregnant heifers would be sold to the farmers in the region in case of cattle farm. For buffalo, minimum 70 female calves/pregnant heifers may be sold to the farmers. 

Animals will be tested annually for Tuberculosis, Johnes Disease (JD), and Brucellosis and positive animals will be removed from the herd. Herd will be declared free of above diseases. The animals will be vaccinated against FMD (six month interval), HS (annually), BQ (annually), and Theileriosis (once in lifetime in case of exotic/crossbreds). However, the vaccination against the bacterial diseases will be done only if there is an outbreak or prevalence of a particular disease in the State. Exotic animals will also be tested for genetic disorders.





Note: In case of Buffalo farm at least 70 female calves to be made available to Farmers


Pure bred animals of indigenous breeds will be procured from breeding tract or from recognized farm/farmers to ensure quality/breed purity of animals. Animals will be selected on the basis of the dams performance (breeding value, lactation yield & milk fat %) and sires’ information. The animals at the farm should meet the minimum standards of dam’s lactation mentioned in the MSP of Bovine Frozen Semen Production. In addition to this sexed elite semen available with semen stations or imported semen of indigenous breeds will be utilized for further genetic upgradation of stock.



Date: ……




This is to certify that, M/s/Shri/Mr. ……………………………. S/o Shri ……….. Resident of …….. dist……….. of …….. State, he is I known to me since ---------. He is in dairy profession/business since last ….. years and presently having -------number of adult dairy animals. He is a progressive dairy farmer following scientific dairy management practices and keen to adopt the latest technologies in the area of dairy animal management and breeding.


Signature : …………………………………….. 

Name : …………………………………………. 


Designation of the Local Govt. Veterinarian (with seal) 

AFFIDAVIT Designation of the Local Govt. Veterinarian (with seal) 

I, Mr. …………………….. , aged -- years, an Indian adult inhabitant residing at -----------------------------------------, do hereby state on solemn affirmation as under: 

I say and declare ,that I will establish a farm of with atleast 200 milch cows and buffaloes under …… BMF project. 

I also declare that for production of genetically superior progenies in the herd I will adopt all the latest technologies like IVF-ETT, use of Sexed semen etc. 

I say and declare ,that I will make available at least 90 elite female calves/pregnant heifers (in case of cattle) or 90 elite female calves/pregnant heifers (in case of Buffalo) to the farmers who are interested in taking up dairying on cost basis. 

I say and declare that statements made herein above are true to the best of my knowledge, information and belief and I believe the same to be true. 

Identified by me 



Before Me 

Solemnly affirmed at ………………. this ……… of …….. 2021