Strengthening milk procurement infrastructure

The growth and development of dairy is deeply rooted in the robustness of the milk procurement systems. The milk procurement system must eliminate any possibility of exploitation of the producers by the middlemen. The main objectives involved are: 

  • Mobilisation and institutional building of small holder milk producers in the form of new dairy cooperative societies/milk producer companies 
  • Training and Capacity Building of milk producers and other functionaries
  • Investment in village level infrastructure for milk collection, chilling and bulking

Operation Flood Programme and the National Dairy Plan Phase I (NDP I) implemented by NDDB has been instrumental in building and strengthening cooperative basis of milk procurement systems involving millions of farmers enabled dairy cooperatives to remain competitive and vibrant in the post liberalisation era.

NDDB focusses at providing rural milk producers with greater access to the organised milk-processing sector by strengthening and expanding the village based milk procurement systems to collect milk in fair and transparent manner. Dairy co-operatives ensure inclusiveness and livelihood opportunities for millions of small holder milk producers in India.