Current Technological Developments

NDDB regularly keeps track of technological advancements & developments and ensures to incorporate latest techniques & features in the plant design. Some of its applications on the latest projects include:

1.  New Dairy whitener Powder Plant at Banas

  • 5 MT/Hr Dairy Whitener plant with 21 days X 24 hr non-stop drying operation with two MVR Evaporators.
  • Introduction of dehumidification system for process main drying air to maintain100% production capacity in all seasons.
  • CIP-able bag house for dairy whitener to reduce the stack (powder) losses.

2.  Cheese plant (under construction) at Banas

  • Fully integrated cheese plant for manufacturing of 30 MTPD cheddar cheese, 24 MTPD processed cheese, 20 MTPD mozzarella cheese, and 45 MTPD de-mineralised whey drying /SMP plant and ETP.
  • Automatic cold storage and retrieval system (ASRS) for cheese ripening and retrieval through WMS as the recipe requirement.
  • Whey Powder Plant for sweet, acidic & mixed whey with   nano-filtration RO polisher for NF permeate, electro-dialysis plant, evaporation plant , crystallisation tanks & drying plant for DM-40 & DM-70 production.


  • Development and Commissioning of skid mounted waste water treatment plant for  Bulk Milk Chilling units (BMCU)
  • Generation of Bio gas from Domestic food waste  


  • Use of solar Energy for direct Thermal utilization  by steam/hot water generation