1967-68: First Milk Processing Plant of 60 KLPD capacity commissioned at Surat. (Sumul)

1969-70: First Cattle Feed Plant of 100 MT capacity commissioned at Linch, Boriavi (Mehsana).

1972-73: Design of 40 MT rail milk tankers for long distance transportation of liquid milk.

1973-74: First Feeder Balancing Dairy of 1.50 LLPD capacity with 5 MTPD capacity Powder plant commissioned at Ludhiana.

1973-74: NDDB developed a unique process of marketing of liquid milk in the form of Bulk Vending system NDDB and has been granted a patent for this innovation by the office of the Controller of Patent and received Import substitution award.

1974-75: First Mother Dairy plant of capacity 4.0 LLPD commissioned at Delhi.

1977-78: First assembly shop for dairy equipment at IDMC.

1981-82: First mechanized lines for production of Gulab Jamun commissioned at Sugam Dairy.

1983- 84: Foot & Mouth Disease vaccine plant at Hyderabad.

1994-95:  First Fully automated dairy plant of 10 LLPD capacity at Gandhinagar.

1996-97:  First cheese plant of 20 MTPD capacity at Kheda.

1997-98:  First High Security Animal Disease laboratory at Bhopal with Biosafety Level-IV containment laboratory ranking 10th in the world and presently the only one in Asia.

2002-03: 300 Bed Multi specialty Hospital at Bhuj, country’s first Seismic resistant structure built using base isolation technology at the request of the Prime Minister.

2004-05: Human vaccine plant at Hyderabad.

2011-12: Automated Cattle feed plant of 1000 MT capacity at Katarva (Banaskantha) single largest capacity CFP in India.

2013-14: Automated 100 TPD capacity milk powder plant at Palanpur (Banaskantha).

2015-16: Fully integrated cheese plant for manufacturing of 30 MTPD cheddar cheese, 24 MTPD processed cheese, 20 MTPD mozzarella cheese, and 45 MTPD de-mineralised whey drying /SMP plant/automatic storage and retrieval system and etp. largest plant in India.

2018-19: India’s largest fully automated & state of the art 120 MTPD Capacity Baby Food Milk Powder plant at Sabar Dairy