Quality Mark

An Initiative by NDDB to Enhance Consumer Confidence in Cooperative and Allied Dairy Sector. Quality Mark scheme aims to

  1. Impart distinct identity to cooperative and allied dairy sector in the country
  2. Develop a quality culture
  3. These will facilitate:
  • Enhanced consumer confidence and improved brand image.
  • Export worthiness of the organization.

The initiative involves pre-assessment of the dairy units followed by detailed inspection by an expert panel including an external member. A holistic approach is followed to trace the practices adopted in hygienic and safe handling of milk from its point of collection/pooling till it reaches the hands of consumers. The inspection covers the aspects of primary collection of milk in DCS, BMC’s, chilling centres, processing of milk at the dairy plant and marketing of milk and milk products through milk parlours/ booths/ stores.

Quality Mark Guideline

Quality Mark Certificate in Hindi

Quality Mark Certificate in English