Enhancing women involvement in cooperation

Promote women involvement in dairy cooperatives with focus on women empowerment

NDDB has been working towards increasing and ensuring women participation in dairying activities as members, forming women DCS, their participation as management committee members and in governance as Board members. Various efforts of NDDB towards promoting role of women in the dairy cooperative sector include the following:

Developing leadership among women

NDDB initiated Women’s Dairy Cooperative Leadership Programme (WDCLP) on pilot basis in 1995 in Valsad, Kolhapur, Waynad and Goa in Western India. The objective was to strengthen cooperative movement by significantly increasing the participation of women as active members and as leaders in governance of cooperative societies, unions and federations. The success of this programme led to its replication in other dairy cooperatives throughout the country. NDDB provided assistance to dairy cooperatives in conducting several activities to achieve the objective. Some key activities include: organisation of women club, women literacy programmes, organisation of thrift and credit groups, training programmes and exposure visit, training programmes on DCS activities, member responsibilities and rights, Management Committee Members duties and tasks.

WDCLP led to raising women’s awareness about their rights and responsibilities as member of the cooperatives and encouraged their involvement in social and economic activities. Leadership development and increased participation of women in the membership and governance were also witnessed as a result of implementation of this programme. NDDB continues to organise seminars, conferences, training programmes to assist women in developing leadership qualities and augment their participation and overall representation in the cooperative system of dairying.

Women Dairy Cooperatives  (WDCs)

Women Dairy Cooperatives offer rural women exposure to understand the business processes of Dairy Cooperative Society, understand and inculcate the values of cooperation and gain the ability of expressing their concern. Once participation of women is ensured through WDCs, the participation can gradually be developed into leadership role by providing them with necessary training to assume leadership roles, ask questions, assert themselves and take decisions. Women Dairy Cooperatives ensures that the real users are upfront in the organisation.
NDDB promotes Women Dairy Cooperatives to enhance women participation in the cooperative system. Milk Unions are encouraged to organise all Women Dairy Cooperatives.

Focus on Women under NDP I

NDP I heralded a revolution in terms of formalising participation of women in the dairy sector. More than 45 per cent (7.64 Lakh) of the total additional members enrolled under the programme constituted women. Various initiatives like appointment of Lady Extension Officers (LEOs) and establishment of more than 4,000 all women cooperative societies during the project period not only put the focus on women involvement in dairy sector in a big way. NDDB also encouraged and trained women producer members from across the country which has enhanced awareness level of women milk producers and helped them become active contributors in the entire dairy business ecosystem.