Technological Interventions and Development Activitie

Standard Operating Procedures are developed as education, awareness and advisory materials for improving the quality of milk at farmer’s level / Bulk milk cooler units.

Clean Milk Production (CMP) is important for improving quality of raw milk from milk producer up to dairy plant. Milk producers & union staff (Procurement/DCS/Extension/Veterinarians etc.) are trained on CMP practices and Food Safety.

  1. Milk quality testing instruments at village/DCS level – Milkotester, Milk analyzer including use of solar energy.
  2. Introduction of concept, training on use of BMC in the rural area for milk quality retention purposes.
  3. Material for education/training of producers, DCS Staff and Milk Procurement supervisors on Hygiene, sanitation, CMP, handling practices.
  4. Dairy plant personnel and Quality Assurance/Control staff is trained on GMP/GHP, operation and maintenance of BMC’s, adulteration testing, Food safety management systems for assuring processed milk quality.

Technews on various subjects important to quality and processing techniques are published for disseminating valuable information.