Coordination with Regulatory Bodies - Domestic

Coordination with Regulatory Bodies - Domestic

Provides science based opinion to the FSSAI/BIS/GOI for framing/amending/harmonising/ domestic food regulations, product specifications, packaging and labelling requirements etc.

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)

Interacting with FSSAI in the following areas

i. Providing suggestions on framing domestic standards and regulations

ii. Providing inputs for harmonising domestic food regulations with Codex or other International regulations.

iii. Working on knowledge sharing platform – FSKAN (Food Safety Knowledge Assimilation Network)

iv. Reviewing draft standard notifications and notices.

Bharatiya Manak Bureau (BIS)

Working with BIS in framing and upgrading standards relevant to milk and milk products, specifications, farm level chilling, processing, hygiene and sanitation requirements etc. The Group is actively involved in reviewing and framing product standards, process equipment standards, food safety hygiene system management etc. in the Food And Dairy committees (FAD 19, FAD 15).

Export Inspection Council (EIC)

Participation in EIC audits as an empanelled invitees for audit and certification of units for export/renewal of export licence for milk and milk products.