Bypass Fat Supplement

Generally, ration of high yielding dairy animals during early lactation is energy deficient. The deficiency is further increased by decreased feed intake and higher quantity of milk production. Under field conditions, animals often shed around 80-100 kg body weight after calving. This leads to delayed conception in animals after calving resulting into longer inter-calving intervals. Such animals produce less milk during this period, thus, decreased lactation yield. At this stage of lactation, farmers usually supplement their animals with oil or ghee. But this is not economical and also hampers fibre digestion in the rumen.


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Feeding bypass fat supplement to high yielders during advance pregnancy and early lactation helps in minimizing the energy deficiency. This in turn would help in improving milk production and reproduction. Use of the bypass fat should be in the ration of dairy animals for 10 days before and 90 days after calving. It can be supplemented in the ration of dairy animals @ 15-20 g per kg milk production or 100 -150 g per animal per day. Feeding bypass fat does not hamper fibre digestion and is always beneficial than feeding ghee/oil.

Benefits of feeding bypass fat:

  • Enhances peak milk production and persistency of lactation.
  • Increase reproductive efficiency after calving
  • Decreases metabolic disorders such as ketosis, acidosis & milk fever.
  • Increases productivity and productive life of animals

NDDB has standardised the production process of bypass fat supplement on a pilot scale, using different methods of manufacturing and conducted feeding trials.

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