Sectoral Analysis and Planning

NDDB studies and brings out insights of dairy and allied sectors by processing and analysing critical data which helps the management take decisions for the benefit of the dairy cooperatives and the farmers affiliated to them.

NDDB comprises of multidisciplinary team for planning, studying, analysing, providing timely information and preparation of DPR (Detailed Project Report) for availing financial assistance under different govt. schemes on all the important facets of the entire dairy sector in the country.

NDDB caters to diverse stakeholders and helps them with the following:

  • Link dairy cooperatives, Unions, Federations and NDDB in a national network that collects, adds value and disseminates information through internet based Dairy Information System (i-DIS)
  • Geo spatial analysis related to dairy sector through internet based Dairy Geographical System (i-DGIS)
  • Gather market intelligence related to the dairy sector
  • Source, house and manage databases related to dairy sector such as Livestock Census, Human Census, National Sample Survey results, State specific Animal Husbandry & Dairy information etc.
  • Undertake in-house large to medium scale studies and surveys in the areas of milk production, marketable surplus, marketing, availability of resources & dairy infrastructure to support management decisions.
  • Monitoring the domestic and international trade in dairy commodities and providing trends.
  • Publishing Statistical Dairying Profile for States, which provides comprehensive details of the dairy sector. The highlights are trend in human demographics, livestock population and production; inputs for enhancement of productivity such as breeding, health and nutrition.
  • Information for Policy Planning and Decision Support
  • Provide data support and need based evaluation of grass-root level conditions for NDDB managed milk unions and projects
  • Preparation of Dairy Development Plans (National/State/Regional level) and Investment proposals for Dairy Cooperatives.


1. National data base

2. Conduct Sectoral Studies

3. Project Planning