Information and Communication Technology

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Group manages the core ICT functions of NDDB to deliver the required business value. The group focuses on developing innovative technology driven solutions to fulfill the unique requirements of internal groups Dairy Co-operatives of the country.  ICT group also provides Training as well Technical support to the user groups.

ICT group plays important role in implementing National Dairy Plan (NDP I) by developing applications for diverse needs of the Project and End Implementing Agencies.

Major Activities:

  • Create, update and manage secure, scalable, IT infrastructure and computing environment to improve the productivity of users.
  • Computerization of business processes of all groups of NDDB.
  • Setting up standards/specification and provide procurement support for all IT components to be provided to EIAs under NDP.
  • Enterprise Project Management Application support for large projects.
  • End user training / Knowledge Enhancement including managing NDDB Dairy Knowledge Portal (
  • Technical support for computerization and setting up IT infrastructure to co-operatives and Producer Companies.

Major Projects:

  •    INAPH

An  Information Network for Animal Productivity & Health (INAPH) , a Desktop/ Netbook / Android (RBP Only) based Field IT Application that facilitates the capturing of real time reliable data on Breeding, Nutrition and Health Services delivered at Farmer’s Doorstep.  It provides a tool for farmer, field functionaries, Union, Federation and NDDB to assess and monitor the progress of the projects. For more details please refer INAPH portal

  •    SSMS

A unified Semen Station Management Software along with Centralized National Portal, which will be integrated with INAPH.  The Solution covers Core Operations of Semen Stations to support Process Standardization, Improvement and Control.  The solution is being deployed across all semen stations as part of NDP.

  •    Integrated NDP Portal

Unified, user friendly Web based system to manage and monitor the project progress by all stakeholders. The system includes Project Progress monitoring, Grievance management and Project Procurement MIS. For more details please refer NDP Portal.

  •    i-DIS

i-DIS is a National Co-operative Dairy Industry Database providing integrated Dairy Industry Information to all the participating Unions and Federations.

i-DIS provides a platform through which all the Unions and Federations can share their data with other unions and also provides a unique opportunity for each union to compare its performance with other contemporary unions on various performance parameters. For more details please refer i-DIS.