Advisory Services

Semen Stations

While adopting scientific breeding techniques (selection of superior genetic merit bulls & use of its semen on a larger population through AI), it is of paramount importance to take necessary measures to minimize transmission of diseases through infected semen. To produce semen of good quality, it is imperative that the bulls remain free from diseases on these semen stations. Towards this end, the Animal Health Group:

  • Provides advice to NDDB managed farms on bio-security measures and develops protocols to minimize transmission of diseases through infected semen.
  • Is facilitating to create model biosecurity protocols which can be adopted by all the semen stations in the country.

Bull production areas:

With the aim of reducing the disease incidences of relevant diseases to enable procurement of disease free male calves from the bull production areas, the Animal Health Group helps to:

  • Formulate locale specific disease control strategies in bull production areas to help procure disease free bull calves.
  • Facilitate a broader perspective of improving the health status of the animal population in the villages under bull production.