Dairy Products

In the 70’s shrikhand and Chaisaathi (tea whitener) were launched.  This was followed with development of standardized processes for several indigenous products such as peda, burfi and gulabjamun, shrikhand, rassogolla, misti doi, dahi and lassi, paneer and chhana podo. Other value added products developed were cheese spreads of various flavours, ice creams, frozen yoghurt, dry mix for low fat frozen dessert, and the long-life product range using Ultra High Temperature (UHT) treatment – flavoured milks, sweetened concentrated milk; basundi, unsweetened evaporated milk, cream and ice-cream mix. 

Most of these product technologies were successfully transferred to interested milk unions for commercial production. Frozen paneer with a shelf-life of 1 year was developed and commercialized, and is one of the most popular paneer in the market today.  Manufacturing processes for Swiss Emmental cheese and sweetened condensed milk from mixed milk were also developed through NDDB's research and development efforts. Following links provide information on the technologies that are available to the cooperative dairies for commercialization.

During the process of product development, preservative and artificial ingredients are not used as far as possible.