Chhana based Products


Unlike rice kheer and other kheer variants containing cereal(s), chhana kheer can also be consumed during religious fasts.

Artificial colour, flavour and preservative are not part of the recipe. The chhana pieces remain intact in the product and it makes the product more delicious. The product has a shelf-life of 15 days at 80C when packed in polypropylene cups.



Chhana podo is a baked traditional Indian dairy product consumed widely in Orissa and West Bengal. The product is delicious and has a large potential for consumption in other parts of the country.  It is made from chhana, sugar and semolina/rice flour and is often garnished with nuts, cloves and cardamom. The production of chhana podo is by and large still a cottage industry. Commercial production of chhana podo could be done by co-operative dairies through the technology developed and patented by NDDB. The product has a shelf-life of 21 days when packed in laminated plastic sheets and stored under refrigeration (80C or below).