Information Network for Animal Productivity and Health (INAPH)

Apart from building an infrastructure for making available quality semen, cattle feed, fodder seeds, vaccines etc. to farmers for improving the productivity and health of their animals, the modern tools of information technology and telecommunications are required to be welded with these services to provide reliable, easy-to-access and timely information to farmers, service providing organizations and policy makers for informed decision making at all levels. Keeping in view this, NDDB has developed an information network covering all areas of productivity enhancement including animal registration and identification, artificial insemination services, milk recording and progeny testing, ration balancing, health (treatment, diagnosis, testing, vaccination and outbreaks), advisory services and input supplies, milk component, feed testing and disease diagnostic laboratories etc. The application is being used in the progeny testing programmes implemented by NDDB in partnership with milk unions and AI service providers as well as by agencies implementing ration balancing programmes. The health and the laboratory modules have also been pilot tested and are available for use.

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