Institution Building

Institution Building will lead a cooperative to become a viable enterprise owned and controlled by members.

To achieve the above objective, Institution Building effort is carried out at two levels namely at Village level Dairy Cooperative Society (DCS) level and at the Milk Union (district/regional) level.

DCS level: To create a shared vision among all-producer members, management committee members and secretary along with other staff associated with the society. To empower the society at the village level with decision-making powers to ensure growth and sustainability of operations. Efforts at DCS level aims at enabling the society to adopt cooperative principles to ensure alignment of its activities with the purpose of its existence.

Milk Union level: Providing Milk Unions with the requisite support to become a vibrant business enterprise and achieve higher goals in procurement, processing, marketing, productivity and member’s responsiveness. It involves facilitation of board of Directors, managers and employees to own their responsibility. It enables Union to develop and implement a long term plan and exhaustive strategy to ensure growth of its business and satisfaction of the need and aspirations of its member DCSs. Efforts at Union level are aimed at assisting the Milk Union to adopt and implement policy based governance principles while adhering to cooperative values and principles.

NDDB’s approach to Institution Building primarily aims at rural prosperity by means of systemic and value based strengthening of capacities of primary members, management committee members and staff of village Dairy Cooperative Societies (DCS) as also the professionals and elected boards of Milk Producers’ Cooperative Unions.

Revitalising Promising Producers’ Owned Institutions
NDDB has introduced “Revitalising Promising Producers’ Owned Institutions” scheme with the objective “to support the promising Producers’ Owned Institutions to strengthen their overall business operations, so as to increase their market share and create self-sustaining institution benefiting all concerned.”

Revitalising Promising Producers’ Owned Institutions