Co-operative Services

The National Dairy Development Board implements cooperative development and governance programmes across the country. The aim is to help create self-reliant, jointly owned, democratically controlled and professionally managed cooperative institutions, responsive to the socio-economic and cultural expectations of their members.

In addition to helping build resilient, self-sustaining Cooperatives, the NDDB is committed to serve its rural community by including Women's Development and Leadership Development Programmes, and encourage fairness and transparency in milk procurement operations as a core/integral part of its activities. Need based consultancy is provided to help evolve strategies to promote and strengthen village based milk procurement systems.

The National Dairy Development Board assists in:

In addition to our client organizations, viz., State cooperative Milk Marketing Federations and Milk Producers' Cooperative Unions, the Cooperative Development and Governance services are available to non-government organizations, producer companies and developmental agencies involved in working with dairy and allied cooperatives and with women's empowerment.

At the request of State Government / Dairy Co-operatives, NDDB undertakes management of  co-operatives which need assistance in its operations for a defined period. These are termed as Managed Projects.