Milk-based soft candy is sweet product containing milk-based flavoured core coated with chocolate. This product is rich in milk ingredients that imparts a very rich milky flavour as well as nutritional value to it. Milk-based candy is a new healthy and tasty option for children. It has slightly gel like consistency inside and covered with a chocolate layer. Small or large dairies can adopt this technology for producing new dairy based product. The product has a shelf life of 60 days at 7ºC or below.


NDDB developed milk protein soft candy for kids aimed to serve as carrier for protein and micronutrients. This product contains substantially higher amount of milk protein derived from whey as compared to the similar products available in the market.

Whey proteins are a tremendous source of dietary nitrogen and essential amino acids. It also helps to promote muscle growth and improve digestion system. Further, whey protein has an exceptional Biological Value which is higher than eggs, meat, soy, casein and fish.

The product has a shelf life of 3 months when packed in airtight polyethylene terephthalate (PET) jar with individual candy wrapper and stored at room temperature.