Indian Immunologicals Ltd. (IIL)


National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) established Indian Immunologicals as a unit in 1982 with the objective of manufacturing vaccines and providing to customers at an affordable price. The technology for Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) vaccine manufacture was obtained from the Wellcome Foundation, UK. Indian Immunologicals Ltd (IIL)was registered as a company in 1999 under the companies act. IIL in 1999 at the request of the Government of India entered into the manufacture of human vaccines with its first product Abhayrab (anti-rabies vaccine). IIL today is a leading “One Health” company in India involved in the manufacture animal vaccines, human vaccines, nutraceuticals and formulations.

IIL is in the forefront of research and more than 60 scientists are engaged in a DSIR approved facility to develop several novel vaccines. Newer vaccines so developed by IIL such as Theileriosis vaccine for cattle, combination vaccines with Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD), Brucellosis Vaccine, Porcine Cysticercosis vaccine, 7 in 1 canine vaccines, Pentavalent vaccine, Anti-rabies vaccine etc are well accepted in the Indian market. IIL’s research team is working on several new animal health vaccines namely gE deleted IBR marker vaccine, multi-component Clostridial vaccine and Classical Swine Fever vaccine. In the human health segment, IIL is working on inactivated Hepatitis A vaccine, Measles-Rubella vaccine, Dengue vaccine, Chikungunya vaccine, Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, Typhoid conjugate vaccine.

IIL has three vaccine manufacturing facilities in India. The Gachibowli-Hyderabad facility is engaged in the production of vaccines, while the Karakapatla-Hyderabad facility produces animal health formulations and human vaccines. IIL’s facility in Ooty exclusively produces human anti-rabies vaccine, “Abhayrab”. IIL’s manufacturing plants conform to GMP and are certified for ISO9001. Pristine Biologicals Ltd is IIL’s subsidiary in New Zealand and is involved in the production of serum used in the manufacture of vaccines.

IIL’s flagship brands such as Raksha-Ovac (FMD Oil adjuvant vaccine) is the largest brand in the animal health market. Abhayrab (Purified Vero-cell tissue culture human Anti-Rabies vaccine) is a leading brand in its segment in human health market. IIL introduced VAXTAR 5 (Pentavalent vaccine for human use), which is used in the Universal Immunization Programme (UIP) of Ministry of Health, Government of India. IIL’s Abhay-TAG (DPT vaccine), Abhay-Tox (Tetanus vaccine) and Elovac-B (recombinant Hepatitis-B vaccine) have been major products supplied to UIP.

Apart from FMD vaccine for cattle, IIL markets a range of vaccines such as Bruvax (Brucellosis Vaccine) and Rakshavac-T (Theileriosis Vaccine).

IIL also produces Sheep vaccines - such as Raksha-BLU (Blue Tongue vaccine), Raksha-PPR (PPR vaccine) and Raksha-SP (Sheep Pox) vaccine. IIL is the largest producer of Canine vaccines in the country. Raksharab (Anti-Rabies for animal use) and Megavac (Multi-Component canine vaccine) are leading brands. IIL also produces Porcine Vaccines such as Cysvax (Porcine Cysticercosis).

IIL markets several human and animal health formulations which are quite popular. Nimovet (Nimesulide), Oxfenvet (Oxfendaole), Vetfen (Fenbendazole), Ivectin (Ivermectin), Bovoplex (B-Complex), Xylaxin (Anaesthetic), Antibiotics range (Seftrivet, Bovicef, Gyroflox) are some of the popular animal health formulations. Vivafit (Anti-oxidants), Vivacad (Calcium), VivaGut (Pre & Probiotics), VivaFlora (Pre & Probiotics) and Inceptova (Hormone range) are popular human health formulations. IIL’s nutrition range of products for animal health such as Calsagar (Calcium), Goumix (Mineral Mixtures), Goudhara Shakti (Bypass Fat), Gouvit (Vitamin Pre-mix), Garbhamin (Minerals for treating Infertility) and Gousac (Yeast Culture) are well accepted.

IIL has distribution network across the country and is able to offer its products to even remote areas. IIL employs SAP as a ERP tool and is one of the few companies uses Information Technology (IT) in its business.

IIL also exports vaccines and formulations to more than 30 countries in Asia, Middle East, CIS, Africa and Latam.

Being a socially conscious organisation, IIL undertakes several CSR activities for the benefit of the society. Free vaccination and deworming for destitute animals in over 100 Ghousalas, ring vaccination within 5 km radius of Gachibowli plant in Hyderabad to prevent FMD. IIL has adopted three Government schools, providing basic amenities and also sponsors the “Gift Milk” scheme.

IIL’s vision is – “Shaping global healthcare by spearheading the One Health initiative”. IIL’s mission to "Innovate, Produce and Market quality healthcare products and services to improve and extend lives”.



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