NDDB requests dairy cooperatives to ensure supply of milk & milk products

NDDB requests dairy cooperatives to ensure supply of milk & milk products

25 March 2020, Anand: Considering the dairy cooperatives account for bulk of the organised liquid milk supply to consumers, it is important that they make all the necessary arrangements to ensure supply of milk and milk products to consumers in this unprecedented situation created by COVID 19 virus.

Shri Dilip Rath, Chairman, NDDB said, “In view of the present COVID 19 pandemic, NDDB has made an appeal to all dairy cooperatives across the country to take essential measures for continued supply of milk & milk products so as to avoid situations of panic buying by consumers.” In case of any difficulty in maintaining the dairy supply chain, the concerned dairy cooperatives are advised to contact the local authorities.

Dairy cooperatives were also requested to make suitable arrangements for ensuring uninterrupted collection, chilling, transportation and processing of milk and availability of fodder in villages.

The lockdown measures announced by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Govt of India may dry up majority of income sources for the people in rural areas. Hence, milk business may prove to be the only economic lifeline for millions of rural dairy farmers

While commercial and private establishments shall be closed down, dairy and milk booths are allowed as essential services. Arrangements for animal fodder can also be continued. Cold storage and warehousing services are permitted. Transportation and other logistics services with respect to the above are also exempted.

We should all work together in these challenging times to fight COVID-19 pandemic.