NDDB collaborates with Sustain Plus to promote biogas based manure management model

NDDB collaborates with Sustain Plus to promote biogas based manure management model

24 May 2021, Anand: National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) has partnered with Sustain Plus Energy Foundation to promote Biogas based manure management model. Shri Meenesh Shah, Executive Director, NDDB and Shri Ganesh Neelam, Director, Sustain Plus were instrumental in developing the project on biogas & slurry processing centres. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to this effect was recently signed to form the strategic partnership.

Shri Shah said that the collaboration will help NDDB to test and replicate the experience of biogas manure management model in other parts of the country through the network of dairy cooperatives and producer companies. The biogas based manure management model helps satisfy clean cooking energy need of small holder farmers and promote usage of nutrient rich bio-slurry in agriculture.

He said that farmers can earn additional income through sale of surplus bio slurry. The aggregated surplus slurry is utilized to produce slurry based organic fertilizer. With farmers resorting to clean cooking practices and arresting methane emission, the model mitigates adverse impact on environment.

Shri Neelam informed that this partnership will help Sustain Plus to scale up decentralized sustainable energy access programmes and technologies so as to solve the most critical developmental issues faced by the marginalized and vulnerable communities.

Both the organisations have agreed to work together facilitating sustainability of such interventions and generating learnings for a scale-up across the country. It will also help achieve convergence with various schemes.