Fodder Demonstration Unit

A Fodder Demonstration Unit (FDU) was established on 2.5 acres of land at D-Lab Campus of NDDB, Anand. FDU plays a significant role in demonstrating new fodder production and conservation technologies to farmers and technical officers from dairy cooperatives, animal husbandry departments and NGO’s.

Over the years since Operation Flood programme, FDU has played important role in educating farmers/ visitors about the newly developed forage technologies such as advanced agronomic techniques for different agro-climatic conditions, selection of appropriate forage species, new varieties and hybrids of perennial fodder crops, pasture grasses, range legumes, fodder trees/ shrubs etc. for sustainable fodder production and improving soil productivity by optimal use of farm resources and inputs.

Demonstration of resource conservation Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in fodder cultivation such as minimum tillage and zero tillage, crop residues incorporation, green manuring, cover crops, mulching, water saving trench planting method for Bajra Napier Hybrid cultivation, drip irrigation, organic manures, biofertilisers have being demonstrated to farmers.

Visitors have been provided stem cuttings of perennial grasses and samples seed of new varieties for trial and demonstration purpose in their villages.

Around 30,000 visitors comprising farmers, Local Resource Persons (LRP), milk union staff, Animal Husbandry department officers, NGO’s etc. have been exposed to improved fodder production and conservation technologies at FDU since 2012-13.