Chairman's Speech National Milk Day 26th November, 2019

Friends & colleagues… We have gathered here to pay homage to one of the greatest sons of India, Dr V Kurien on his 98th birth day and celebrate the day as “National Milk Day” in his memory.

I congratulate all the bikers who have travelled more than 2800 km from Varanasi to Anand, Dr Kurien’s Karmabhoomi and by doing so have spread the ideals and values which Dr Kurien espoused and spread awareness about his life and works amongst the new generation.

The nation gratefully remembers him for his contribution to transform rural economy by empowering millions of small farmers and milk producers. We are grateful to him for making our country self-sufficient in milk and above all for making AMUL a powerhouse representing the combined strength of millions of farmers. The recent example of RCEP which demonstrated the clout of small farmers to change the course of global trade negotiations led by powerful multinational dairy cooperatives. We owe this achievement to Dr Kurien.

All of us who grew up in the late 70’s, 80’s and beyond and the millennial owe our physical development to a great measure to Operation and Flood and hence to Dr Kurien. We are grateful to him for the daily glass of milk which is available and affordable to each citizen today, which is so vital to nutritional security and economic progress.

We are at the same time aware, that even today there are many parts of the country still untouched by the White Revolution. On this day, let us take the pledge that we will work tirelessly to reach out to all these dark spots and paint the entire country white. That will be our homage to Dr Kurien. His ideals and values and the cause for which he stood for will guide us in our works.

I again pay my respectful homage to Dr Kurien and join all in saluting one of India’s greatest sons.